Acne, Scar & Medi-Specific Treatments

A facial treatment for purifying and balancing that is ideally suited for breakouts and clogged pores whether it is from an unhealthy life style, poor nutrition, unbalanced hormones or stress. The treatment purifies and balances thus enabling the skin to respond to the specific products and treatment for a healthy skin.


PURITY TREATMENT– All Ages , Purifying, balancing treatment for blemished skin.

Treatment time – 60 minutes.

Acne solution treatment – Acne, spots and micro cyst.


SOS Treatment– Soothing treatment –aggressed, fragile or over treated skin.

Treatment time – 30 minutes

SCAR  Treatment– Rejuvenating treatment for all types of scars.

Treatment time- 15 minutes.


ALPHA VITAL –Radiance, resurfacing and renewing treatment with AHAs.

Treatment time – 60 minutes.

Post Acne, Scars, seasonal change, fine lines and wrinkles.

ESSENTIAL WHITE – Brightening effect or dark spot treatment – Face.

Treatment time – 60 minutes.

Unifies the complexion.