Facial & Skin Care

Personally to me skincare, especially the face, is of great importance. It is the image one portrays to the world and of oneself. It houses the emotions: the joys, the happiness, the fatigue, and the grief. We live in an environment where our skin is constantly exposed to the elements of nature. Facial skincare can help nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Lack of sleep, stress and a hurried lifestyle are also contributing factors towards aging.

Caring for the facial skin is pampering to oneself, and it has great therapeutic value, as it distresses and brings a radiant change and healthy balance to the skin.

I offer each person the individualized treatment for their specific skin type. All facials are tailored to your individual needs.

Grand Classique  All ages and all skin types.

Treatment time – 90 minutes.

A deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial leaving the skin healthy and in good condition.

Vital Defense  All ages and all skin types.

Treatment time – 60 minutes.

An anti-oxidant and anti-pollution facial.  Defense facial, which helps in restoring radiance and brings back vitality to the skin. For dull complexion and tired skin.

Hydralessence – All ages, Dehydrated skin.

Treatment Time – 60 minutes.

Long lasting deep hydration facial.  An all year round facial treatment when the skin starts to show symptoms of dehydration. It is an ultra- hydrating refreshing facial to control the effects of moisture loss. Recommended as a pre and post sun treatment for a lasting radiance.